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Our Mission: The Benton County Road Department strives to provide the highest quality roadway and infrastructure to the public through prudent use of resources, technology, innovation, and teamwork.

Our Vision: Working for the community to establish and maintain an exceptional road and public works infrastructure system through dedicated staff, effective construction, rigorous maintenance, and exemplary service.


Tip of the Month:  Work Zone Safety

With the changing of the season from Summer to Fall, comes an end to road construction.  However, road maintenance and repairs are not only done in the Spring and Summer.  These activities continue year round to keep the roads drivable and in good repair.  Especially during inclement weather, when there is potential for slick roads.  You may notice maintenance workers and vehicles out and working any time of the day in an attempt to keep the roads open and usable.  This means they could be either in a slow moving vehicle or stopped and making repairs on the road side.    

In the past, there have been several accidents and emergency or work zone staff have been injured (some times fatally) and property damaged, along with the driver and/or passenger(s) of the vehicle that caused the accident.  To increase safety and attempt to reduce accidents that cause an unnecessary loss of life, injuries and property damage, Washington State passed a law referred to as the "Move Over" law.   Initially, this law was for emergency personnel, but it has since been amended to include non-emergency workers and vehicles working on the road and the side of the road.

In 2007, the original Move Over Law, RCW 46.61.212,  was passed in an effort to protect emergency workers along the roadside.  In 2010, the law was amended to include an "Emergency or Work Zone"  This zone is the 200 Feet Before and the 200 Feet After a stationary or slow moving emergency or work zone vehicle.  And in July 2018, this law was amended again and now lists; police vehicles, emergency vehicles, highway construction vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, tow trucks, solid waste vehicles or utility service vehicles.  

"(3) A person found to be in violation of this section, or any infraction relating to speed restrictions in an emergency or work zone, must be assessed a monetary penalty equal to twice the penalty assessed under RCW 46.63.110.  This penalty may not be waived, reduced or suspended. (4) A person who drives a vehicle in an emergency or work zone in such a manner as to endanger or be likely to endanger any emergency or work zone worker or property is guilty of reckless endangerment of emergency or work zone workers. A violation of this subsection is a gross misdemeanor punishable under chapter 9A.20  RCW."   This information is quoted directly from the RCW. To read the RCW regarding Approaching emergency or work zones in its entirety, click here RCW 46.61.212.

In an effort to keep the citizens of Benton County informed, upcoming construction projects are posted on the County's
Facebook page, you can also find information about closures and detours on the main Benton County website. Pothole repairs, maintenance and other road repairs may slow your drive and, quite possibly, tax your patience. Stay calm, slow down and be aware of the conditions around you. Be especially careful driving through work zones. Increase your following distance and avoid distractions.


State Travel Information Websites:

For your daily commute, check with your local news and city website(s) for concerns and construction projects.

Before heading on a trip, check with the following agencies:
Washington State Department of Transportation (
Oregon Department of Transportation (
Idaho Department of Transportation (

News from the Road Department:


The Benton County Road Department bituminous surface treatment (BST), or "chip seal," has been completed for 2018.

 Please see the Benton County Twitter feed or Facebook page for more information.

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