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The Benton County Sheriff's Office is currently accepting entry level applications. All entry level applicants must apply by registering through Public Safety Testing.  

The Benton County Sheriff's Office Bureau of Corrections is responsible for 24-hour coverage of the Benton County Jail. There are four squads that cover the internal workings of the jail, a Support squad that focuses transporting inmates to and from other jails, as well as to and from court, and Work Release and Work Crew. All new officers will begin their career as a Line Officer assigned to one of four squads. Each squad consists of a sergeant, two corporals, and up to 22 officers. Officers work 12 hours shifts and rotate from days to nights every eight weeks with their squad.   


*Please read ALL of the following sections for instructions.  Missing any required information or submitting an incomplete application will disqualify you from being considered for this position. 
A completed Personal History Statement (PHS) must be attached to your application. Click on the following highlighted link to download the PHS: Personal History Statement.  A link for the PHS can also be found on the Benton County website under Civil Service. 
Be sure to thoroughly read the qualification and disqualifier information. 
Be sure to complete the entire on-line application. 
On the application, list all positions you have held as a full time paid corrections officer, beginning with your present or most recent job. 
List formal education that you have completed at the college or university level.  Include degree earned, school and location, dates attended, and number of credit hours earned.  Please attach a copy of your graduation diploma(s) or a copy of your official transcript. 
List documented and current special certifications outside corrections or formal education like pilot license, CDL, marine license, etc. Please attach copies of license or certifications. 
Be sure to answer ALL of the questions on the application. 
If you have problem completing your on-line application, downloading the PHS, or have any questions regarding this position, please contact Tammy Dufault, Civil Service Chief Examiner, at (509) 737-2777.  


Salary Information 

Correction Officer salary range:   $3,950 to $5,123 per month, plus benefits. 

  Corrections ERT


























Benefit Information 

Medical, dental, vision, life insurance, retirement, education bonus, service pay, specialty pay, uniform allowance and equipment provisions. Additional benefits include EAP, AFLAC, time loss and deferred compensation plans.  


Vacation Accrual 

Years of Service 

Hours Per Month 

1 - 5 


6 - 10 


11 - 15 


16 - 19 


20  plus 



Sick Leave Accrual   

Employees earn 8 hours of sick time per month 



  • Washington PSERS PLAN 2 

  • Link to HANDBOOK  


Additional Benefits 

    • Equipment – (all uniforms and most equipment) 
    • Specialty Pay 
    • Longevity Pay 
    • Education Incentive  
    • 12 Paid Holidays (deferred holiday pay option) 
    • Bi-Lingual Incentive 
    • Long-term and Short-term Disability
    • Member of Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) (Option)
    • Dry Cleaning Service  


Career Paths  

Specialty Positions 

    • Emergency Response Team (ERT) 
    • Security Threat Group (STG) 
    • Court Officer 
    • Transport Officer 
    • Work Crew 
    • Home Monitoring/Work Release
    • Classification  




 ATTENTION: To be considered for a lateral position you must meet ALL of the following minimum eligibility requirements. If you do not meet these eligibility requirements, please see the Civil Service section of our website for details about entry level positions.  

    • Must be 21 years of age. 
    • Must possess or obtain state certification from the Washington State Law Enforcement Training Commission within 12 months of employment. 
    • Valid Washington State driver license. 
    • First Aid Certificate. 
    • Must meet required physical and mental standards and all civil service requirements. 
    • Must meet all Benton County Sheriff's Office Recruitment Standards. 
    • Must have graduated from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Academy for corrections.  If not, must have graduated from a state certified corrections officer training academy and be able to challenge the process for an equivalency certification in Washington State. 
    • Must have successfully completed your probationary period with your current or previous corrections officer employer.
    • Must have been continuously employed by your present or previous employer as a full time, civilian corrections officer for not less than 12 months, and have not less than 18 months total full time, corrections officer experience. You must have been employed as a full time, corrections officer within the last 24 months.  


Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities 

    • Knowledge of principles and techniques of modern inmate care, custody and control, and related aspects of law enforcement.
    • Ability to acquire skill in the use and care of firearms and the conditions under which they may be employed in accordance with department regulations. 
    • Ability to physically handle and control prisoners resisting detention.
    • Ability to maintain composure and self-control under adverse conditions, e.g., prisoner harassment, ridicule, critical injuries, death. 
    • Ability to hold self in readiness at all times to effectively respond to abnormal jail conditions and situations. 
    • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the general public. 
    • Ability to perform duties and maintain personal conduct, attitude and appearance that conform to strict policies, procedures, and discipline. 
    • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. 


DISQUALIFIER INFORMATION: Prior to employment, certified applicants will complete a thorough criminal history check, personal history background interview, a polygraph, physical (medical), and a psychological test.  The following are automatic and potential disqualifiers. Applicants should not apply to our agency if they indicate any of the following: 

    • 1 or more traffic crime convictions in the last 2 years (DWI, Suspended, Reckless, etc.) 
    • DUI within 2 years of application or 2 DUI convictions in past 10 years. Includes diversion, sentence reduction, and plea bargains. 
    • Suspension of driver's license within past 2 years. 
    • 5 or more moving violations in past 2 years. 
    • 2 or more at-fault accidents in past 2 years 

Drug Use  

    • Illegal use/possession of illegal drugs within 7 years of application or while employed as LEO (including military). 
    • Marijuana use/possession within 3 years of application. 
    • Illegal use of ANY controlled substance while employed in a criminal justice capacity. 
    • Illegal opiate use. 
    • Hallucinogen use within past 7 years.  No more than 1 uses total. 
    • No illegal sale of ANY drug, including marijuana.
    • Manufacture/Cultivation/Sales/Transportation of any illegal drug as an adult. 
    • Pattern of illegal use of prescription medication. 
    • Other drug use outside these standards will be considered on case-by-case basis. 

Criminal Activity  

    • Any adult felony convictions. 
    • Felony as an adult within 5 years of application (admission(s) of committing or while employed as LEO). 
    • DV conviction or any related crime that bars applicant from firearm possession. 
    • Conviction of any crime of moral turpitude. 
    • Crimes against children (admission(s) of any). 
    • Any misdemeanor or felony conviction while employed in a criminal justice capacity.
    • Adult misdemeanor convictions will be carefully reviewed. 
    • Juvenile felony convictions will be carefully reviewed. 
    • Been convicted of any crime under a domestic violence statue.
    • Unlawful sexual misconduct. 
    • Assault under color of authority or any other violation of state or federal Civil Rights Laws (admission(s) of administrative or criminal convictions for.) 



    • Fired or resigned in lieu of termination from 2 or more jobs in the last 5 years. 
    • Disciplined for racial, ethnic, or sexual harassment or discrimination. 
    • Unauthorized use of alcoholic beverages on the job within the last 3 years. 
    • Withdrawn from consideration for any (law enforcement/fire/corrections/dispatch) employment, because of the following reasons:  
      • Been dishonorably discharged from the United States armed forces. 
      • Lied during any stage of hiring process. 
      • Falsified his or her application, personal history statement, or any other forms during a hiring process. 
      • Previous revocation or denial of (CJTC/POST) certified status, or suspension of current (CJTC/POST) certified status. 



  • Current credit card accounts or resolved accounts in collections will be carefully reviewed.


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