Gang & Crime Prevention Initiative

The mission of the Benton County Gang & Crime Prevention Initiative (BCGCP Initiative) is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Benton County by reducing the incidence of gang-related and other crime in Benton County. This Initiative will achieve its mission by providing resources to support the program efforts of third-party partners that have the reduction of gang-related and other criminal activity as a primary goal.

Resources to be provided will primarily be in the form of financial support through opportunities for in-kind, data-sharing, expertise, technical assistance, or administrative support resources to be considered if appropriate and allowed by law.

The Benton County Gang & Crime Prevention Initiative is open to the following applicants only during designated RFP process or as requested by the Board of County Commissioners:
  • Non-profit corporations or other entities registered as tax exempt with the IRS under IRC 501(c)3 or 501(c)4
  • Churches and other tax-exempt organizations are welcome to apply but must have recognized 501(c)3 status to do so.
  • Programs must have gang-related and other crime prevention as a central goal and must used an evidence-based approach to this goal (including specific, measurable, meaningful, and community-significant performance measures).
  • Maximum contract period: 2 years
  • Programs proposed must be new or expand preexisting services/programs by at least 125%


2017 Year-End Report
Click on the image below for a printable, PDF version of the 2017 Public Safety Sales Tax Year-End Report, which includes information about the Gang & Crime Prevention Initiative.

2016 Year-End Report
The Benton County Gang & Crime Prevention 2016 Year-End Report outlines and details the progress of each contractor receiving funds from this initiative in 2016. This includes: a summary of the program's successes and challenges since funding, data and graphs, as well as photos that show the program in action.

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