Administrative Division

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Under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, Ruth Nacar Franz, the administrative division is responsible for the fiscal activities of the Sheriff's Office to include budget preparation and management, contract management, grant management, human resources, payroll and many other financial related items.

Administrative Division Services


The Administrative division coordinates the department's fiscal activities in relation to the budget.  The Administrative division is responsible for the presentation of the annual budget request.

Contract Management

The Administrative division maintains all records associated with contracts for services the Sheriff's Office performs such law enforcement as well as the numerous contracts needed to keep the office fully functional, and ensures that County policies are followed in obtaining contracts.


In coordination with the Central Services Department, the Sheriff Administration has continued the development of the Human Resources Management System.  The system has allowed efficient processing and retention of personnel information.  The system allows for electronic completion of numerous forms pulling information directly from the system eliminating the task of writing the information.  The automation of these forms has allowed a reduction in clerical staff time and has proven to be more cost effective over the pre-printed version.  The automation has allowed the Sheriff's Office to improve efficiency as well as increase the accessibility of personnel information.

Accounts Payable and Payroll

The Administrative division is responsible for processing all accounts payable payments and payroll for the Sheriff's Office.

Cash Receipting

The Administrative division receives and deposits for law enforcement contracts, special program fees, restitution, impounds, grants, DARE contributions as well as recoverable costs such as medical and professional services.


Our agency is continually looking ahead to find ways to provide more information to our employees.  The County's computer network enables our department to make available a multitude of files, programs, data and general information department-wide, such as union contracts, the General Orders Manual, Civil Process, numerous forms and applications.  By means of this network, we are also able to ensure a secure connection to the State ACCESS (Washington Central Computerized Enforcement Service System), through which many local and national databases are accessed, to include DOL, WACIC, WASIS and NCIC.  These databases not only aid in case investigations, but also in the hiring of personnel.


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