Weekly Review: Board of Commissioners
Posted on Tuesday September 15, 2020
This document is a weekly review of the Board of County Commissioners meeting, Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

Main Topics Discussed

Scheduled Business

CARES Act Agreement w/WA State Dept. of Commerce – Adam Fyall, Sustainable Dev. Manager
TRIDEC was approached by Dept. of Commerce about another CARES Act grant opportunity specifically for use in assisting small businesses, to be channeled through the associate development organization (ADO), which for Benton County is TRIDEC.  The Department of Commerce has agreed to let the money flow through the two counties with TRIDEC as the administrator/servicer.  Mr. Fyall recommended the Board approve the new contract with the Dept. of Commerce, to be followed by a new contract with TRIDEC in two weeks (both nearly identical to the first contracts approved for the CARES Act). The Board moved and seconded to approve the new grant agreement with the Department of Commerce for additional CARES Act funds as presented.  Upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. 

Agreement w/WA State Department of Ecology – Adam Fyall, Sustainable Dev. Manager
The County first entered into an interagency agreement with WA State Department of Ecology in June 1993 related to uses associated with a 1,000-acre parcel within the larger Hanford Site, in which the State subleases 100 acres of this site to US Ecology for disposal of certain low-level commercial nuclear wastes.  US Ecology pays rent to the State for this use and through the interagency agreement, Benton County receives a share of that annual rent.  This interagency agreement has been amended 26 times and Ecology is now proposing the parties restate the agreement in its entirety and Mr. Fyall recommended approval of the agreement.  The Board moved and seconded to approve the Resolution and new Interagency Agreement with the Department of Ecology as presented.  Upon vote, the motion carried unanimously

Agreement w/PowerDMS – Subscription Material for Policy Manuals & Training – Jon Law and Todd Carlson, Sheriff’s Office
The Sheriff’s Office presented the Agreement with PowerDMS as a cloud-based software platform that combines document management, training management and accreditation management.  Specifically, Commander Law and Detective Carlson discussed the need for the program to reduce staff workload to become accredited again and assist in tracking, training, inventory, and certifications for 70+ employees. Additionally, that this program was used and recommended by many statewide law enforcement agencies.  Commissioner Delvin expressed concern about using this program after discussing it with the IT Department and requested a one-on-one meeting with the Commander and IT before deciding.  The Board agreed with postponing a decision until after that meeting. 

Agreement w/Lexipol, LLC – Subscription Material for Policy Manuals & Training Bulletins- Jon Law & Todd Carlson, Sheriff’s Office
The Sheriff’s Office presented the Agreement with Lexipol, LLC which is the same program being used by the jail for updating policy manuals and training bulletins customized for the State of Washington and is separate from the PowerDMS agreement.  Commissioner Delvin said it was his understanding this program was already being supported by the IT Department and he did not have an issue moving forward.  The Board moved and seconded to put this agreement on the next consent agenda for approval by the Board. Upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. 

Amendment No. 3 with MMEC – Administration Building – Robert Blain, Operations/Capital Assets
In the original design contract, rough ins were provided for the access control system at the doors.  Amendment No. 3 is needed to provide additional design services to add, at the request of the County, the access control system to the doors and to integrate the new building into the existing system used by the County.  Mr. Blain presented Amendment No. 3 to the Contract in the amount of $19,800.00, plus WSST.  The Board moved and seconded to approve Amendment No. 3 to the Professional Services Contract with MMEC Architecture & Interiors as presented.  Upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. 

Request for Office Assistant III Position in Treasurer’s Office – Lexi Wingfield, HR Manager; Ken Spencer, Treasurer; Kirsten Yniguez, Deputy Treasurer
The Board previously approved Resolution 2020-602 requiring Board approval prior to posting and filling vacant positionsOne of the positions with prior approval per that resolution was an Accounting Assistant II position within the Treasurer’s Office. That position has since been filled by a current employee within the Treasurer’s Office leaving an Office Assistant III position vacant. With tax season in the near future, the Treasurer’s Office would like to have time to hire and train a new staff member to conduct this vital function. The Board moved and seconded to approve the Resolution authorizing the Treasurer’s Office to post and fill the Office Assistant III position as presented.  Upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. 

Keep Washington Working Act Policy – Adam Morasch, Risk Manager
The Washington State Legislature passed the “Keep Washington Working Act” to establish statewide practices regarding the enforcement of federal immigration laws and provide improved support of economic opportunities of Washingtonians, regardless of their immigration or citizenship status.  As such, all Counties must adopt necessary changes to policies consistent with the model policy.  The implementation of the guidance set forth in the policy will protect the rights of all Washingtonians and improve community safety by ensuring full participation in the legal system.  Mr. Morasch presented the policy for the Board’s consideration.  The Board moved and seconded to approve the Resolution adopting the “Keep Washington Working Act” Policy as presented.  Upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. 

Quit Claim Deeds – Matt Rasmussen, Deputy County Administrator
In 1948 the County was dedicated a 10-foot wide alleyway in the Island View area and subsequently the area was annexed by the City of Richland.  The County assumed ownership of the alley transferred to the City with the annexation.  However, an ownership issue was discovered when a property owner adjacent to the alley attempted to subdivide their property.  In order to resolve the issue, Mr. Rasmussen is recommending the Board approve and sign quit claim deeds to quit claim any remaining interest the County had in the alley to the adjoining landowners.  The City indicated this would resolve their issues and the County, taking the position it had no interest in the land, was effectively granting nothing.  The Board moved and seconded to authorize the Chairman to execute seven (7) quit claim deeds conveying whatever interest Benton County has in portions of a strip of land dedicated to Benton County for public use and purposes to the adjoining property owners as presented.  Upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. 

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Contact: Cami McKenzie, Clerk of the Board

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