Codes, Plans and Policies

The following is a listing of the codes and policies which govern the Planning Department:
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 Title 3: Building and Construction
 Title 4: Business Rules and Regulations
 Title 6: Health, Welfare and Sanitation
 Title 7: Recreation Areas and Activities
 Title 9: Subdivisions
 Title 10: Private Roads
 Title 11: Zoning
 Title 15: Environment
 Title 16: Growth Management
 Title 17: Permit Review Process
 Title 18: Coordinating Government Regulation of Land & Natural Resource Use

Benton County Official Zoning Map A-4
Adopted on December 18, 2018

The Board of County Commissioners of Benton County Washington on April 30, 2019, did adopt and amendment to the Benton County Zoning Ordinance - Ordinance 617.


Ordinance 617 & Resolution 2019-339, Ordinance File No. OA 2019-002 amending the Benton County Code Chapter 11, Ordinances 611 and 615 relating to zoning; amending the section relating to definitions; amending the sections relating to property development standards; amending the sections relating to uses requiring a conditional use permit; and amending the section relating to solar power generator facility- major and minor.


Adopted Plans:

Adopted Policies:

  • Benton County Countywide Planning Policies
  • Benton County Water Resource Policy


For copies of documents that are not online please contact the Planning Department at (509) 786-5612.


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