Bid Opportunities
Benton County Road Department now uses QuestCDN for project bidding services. This does not extend to material supply bids or request for qualifications. For material supply bids or requests for qualifications, please see the bottom of this page.


Complete digital bidding documents are available on the Benton County QuestCDN page. Interested parties may view the plans and specifications at no charge by signing up for an account and clicking the link above.


Potential bidders who intend to submit a bid must download the digital plan documents, specifications, contract documents, and bid proposal for fifteen dollars ($15.00). Please contact QuestCDN at 952-233-1632 or for assistance with membership, registration, downloading, and working with digital project information.

Benton County Road Department Project Bid Opportunities

CE 2103 SMP – Magnesium Chloride Supply and Application
Coming Soon

CE 2087 SMP - 2020 Bituminous Surface Treatment Area 4 and Edge Repair
QuestCDN No.: 6824328

CE 2049 CRP - Roadside Improvements
Quest CDN No.: 6729270

Bidding Closed:
CE 2078 SMP - BST Area 3:  Bid Tabs
CE 2072 CRP - Hanks Road Culvert:  Bid Tabs
CE 2071 CRP - Evans Road Culvert:  Bid Tabs
CE 2067 CRP - Crosby Road Overlay:  Bid Tabs
CE 2064 SMP - 2018 Brush Cutting:  Bid Tabs
CE 2061 SMP - 2018 Pavement Marking:
Bid Tabs

CE 2059 CRP - Amon Road Paving:  Bid Tabs
CE 2058 CRP - PR 669 Approach:  Bid Tabs
CE 2057 SMP - 2018 Crack Seal:  Bid Tabs
CE 2056 SMP - 2018 Culvert Cleaning:  Bid Tabs
CE 2055 SMP - 2018 Edge Repair:  Bid Tabs
CE 2053 CRP - Crosby Road Shoulders:  Bid Tabs
CE 2051 SMP - 2018 Magnesium Chloride Supply and Application:  Bid Tabs
CE 2045 SMP - 2018 BST Area 2:  Bid Tabs

SR 001414 - Kennewick Annex Parking Lot Paving Project:  Bid Tabs


Benton County Road Department Material Supply Bid Opportunities

Benton County Road Department Equipment Supply Bid Opportunities


Benton County Road Department Requests for Qualifications
No RFP opportunities at this time.





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