Welcome to the Benton County Planning Department! The Planning Department oversees land use, zoning, comprehensive & environmental planning within unincorporated Benton County (property outside of city limits). 

Our most frequently asked questions are about zoning, land use rules (such running a business from your home), setbacks from property lines, and addresses.  We are happy to answer any of your land-use related questions.  Just call us at (509) 786-5612 or email us at


Informational Packets:

Setbacks (Distance all construction must be from parcel lines, easements, etc.)
Animal Unit Equivalents (Number of animals allowed per parcel)
Types of Homes Allowed (some zones have restrictions on the types or ages of homes allowed)
Fence Guidelines (basic rules about building fences in the County)
Critical Areas Informational Handout
Geohazard Risk Assessment information
Geohazard Report Requirements 

Who to call when we can't help

Have a question about property inside City limits? You'll need to talk to the City. 

Kennewick (509) 585-4280
Prosser (509) 786-8212
Richland (509) 942-7794
West Richland (509) 967-5902
Benton City (509) 588-3322

Have a question about building permits, codes or inspections?

Call the Building Department at (509) 735-3500 (option 7).

Have a question about Code Enforcement?
Call Code Enforcement at (509) 222-2301
or fill out the Request for Investigation form.

Have a question about wells and septic systems?
Contact the Benton Franklin Health District at (509) 460-4205.

Have a question about ownership of property?
Contact the Benton County Assessor's office.

Have a question about property taxes? 
Contact the Benton County Treasurer's Department.

Want a copy of your Short Plat, Long Plat or other documents? 
Contact the Benton County Auditor's Recording Department.

Want a map created and/or printed for you?
Contact the Benton County GIS Department.


Any information submitted to Benton County is subject to the public records disclosure laws for the state of Washington (RCW 42.17) and all other applicable laws that may require the release of the documents to the public.


Department Info.

Benton County Planning Department 

P.O. Box 910  

1002 Dudley Avenue  

Prosser  WA 99350


Phone Number:
(509) 786-5612


Jerrod B. MacPherson,

Planning Manager

Greg J. Wendt,

Assistant Planning Manager

Michelle L. Cooke,

Senior Planner




Benton County    620 Market Street    Prosser, Washington 99350
Phone: (509) 786-5710 or (509) 783-1310
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