2017 Comp Plan Periodic Update

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The Board of County Commissioners on February 13, 2018 approved the adoption of the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update.  

NOTICE OF ADOPTION of Ordinance #600 and Resolution 2018-137 - Approving the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update

Ordinance 600 & Resolution 2018-137 (including Exhibits A, B, B-1, C and C-1), adopting the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update-Feb 2018 with the Map Folio (Appendix A) 
Appendix B Environmental Impact Statement Addendum
Appendix C Public Participation Plan
Appendix D Visioning Summary Results
Appendix E  Benton County-wide Planning Policies
Appendix F  Shoreline Master Program Update (2014)
Appendix G  Red Mountain AVA Master Site Plan (2012)
Appendix H Transportation
Appendix I Comprehensive Parks Plan, 2014 – 2020
Appendix J Capital Improvement Plan, 2017 – 2022
Appendix K Benton County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management and Moderate Risk Waste Management Plan, 2013
Appendix L  Agricultural Land Reclassification Memorandum (2018)
Appendix M Comment Response Matrix


      Public Participation

      Our Public Participation Plan spells out the Planning Department's process for providing the public with opportunities to be involved in our 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update.


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